Alfred Roy Carey : Mariah Carey's father
Citizenship : American. His father was a Venezuelan, named Roberto Nuņez. The latter changed his named to Robert Carey when he immigrated to the USA.
Occupation : Aeronautical engineer

Mariah's relationship with her father was much more distant. First of all, he wanted to give her a very strict upbringing that didn't suit her mischievous character. Also, her parents divorced when she was only 3. For example, when Mariah hummed at the dinner table, her father would immediately tell her to keep quiet. Mariah would directly get up from the table and continue singing. Of course, it'd make her father angry.

After the divorce, Alfred and Alison moved to Washington D.C. In the beginning, Mariah used to visit him quite often. Nevertheless, she recalls with embarrassment that she used to hide so that the other kids wouldn't see her with a black man. Mariah would tell them that her dark complexion was due to her Italian origins. Progressively, those visits became less frequent. Not that long ago, her father wasn't even aware of her success. He believed that she had only released one album thus far. For a laugh, Mariah and her mom would call it "THE Album."

However, following the introspection that she began during the "Butterfly" era, Mariah felt like returning to her roots; Mariah and her father finally became reconciled. Their emotional bonds have grown stronger especially since he got sick. She is also trying to get in touch with her grandparents on her paternal side. Seeing that they were hostile to her parents' union, they seem to be opposed to a reunion.

On July 4th 2002, Alfred Roy Carey lost his battle to cancer.